conceptual photo project 2021

Welcome to our dreams.

Take a look around and immerse yourself in these images we created on our sleepless summer nights.

The six installations make one poem that explore isolation, connection, claustrophobia and the feeling of being trapped by one’s comfort zone. They are designed around and for the models, their relationships were the core element of this project.

We were inspired to capture the intimate, unrepeatable experience of the encounter of body and space.


photographer, set designer, producer

Noemi Daboczi

lighting designer, camera help

Alex Poll

production manager

Bola Olashore

art director

Helen Herbert


Donie Tansey

costume designer

Sanya Torkmorad-Jozavi

art assistants

Bori Mezo, Grace Antoniou-Phillips

special thanks to

Matt Maude, Andrea Paz Guerrero, ACAVA, Paisley Walsh, Vincenzo Marranghino, Nate Gibson, Matyas Daboczi

Committed to reduce our carbon footprint, the project has been created using 95% recycled materials.